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Our network is built on long-term relationships. Learn how to build relationships with your clients on the BusinessMVP Network.

Every Target Market!
We have publications targeted to every industry & city as while as several lifestyle publications. All of them offer the same opportunities listed below.


Advertising is hoping. Our sponsorship opportunities help you build relationships with your buyers. Available in each industry, city & lifestyle publication. For details, visit


Showcase your latest products like you would in a showroom at a Trade Show. They can include a company bio, news, articles, product descriptions, photos & videos. For details, visit


Recruitment Branding is a year-round process. So besides job listings, we also offer editorial coverage, employer showrooms, interviews, video & other tools. For details, visit


We cover the top companies, products, executives, events, associations & cities with press releases, bios, interviews, profiles, reviews & video. For details, visit

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